“Dream past the fantasy. Fight past the battle. Drift past the rhythm.”

–Emha Goliesh

Sometimes life may feel hard or impossible, but the pages should always keep turning forwards. Sometimes they’ll turn backwards or take a pause, but remember to keep breathing when things don’t read correctly. Because sometimes, one must simply turn the book to a different angle to move onward.

I’m excited to share with you my debut romance novels of the Untouch Me series. Feel free to check it out below!

June 9th book 1 cover by Emha GolieshJune 9th | 10.19.18 | NA debut romance novel | iBooks | B&N | goodreads

Lacey Shyver has never been interested in love or romance. That’s because science, school, and career have been the most important in Lacey’s life. That is, until one simple touch from drummer, Blake Nivey, opens her up to things she never knew existed. But every reward has a risk and every pleasure has a sacrifice. Not only does this new territory test Lacey’s loyalty to a relationship and to her education, she also gets haunted by something she can’t understand. Whether her fears have anything to do with her being in a wheelchair or not, that is something Lacey must find out for herself before it’s too late. Because once June 9th begins, it never ends.

Tagline: Lacey Shyver has always rolled through life in a perfect straight line. Until an unexpected twist in romance and fate sets her on a path that swerves in every direction but forward.

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October 19th book 2 cover by Emha GolieshOctober 19th | 10.19.18 | NA debut romance novel |

Lacey Shyver has found love and it’s the best relationship of her life. Overcoming insecurities of being in a wheelchair has never been easy, but Lacey will always fight for a future with the man she loves. Yet, it seems that the harder they love, the harder they argue. And despite the fights, nothing breaks the couple like Lacey’s boyfriend’s ex, who’s on a mission to get between Lacey and her man. Are they meant to last forever or not? Because once October 19th erases, it will never be the same.

Tagline: Lacey Shyver has the best love in the world. Except that her boyfriend’s ex has come along to ruin the romance. How far will Lacey go to save her relationship?

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